Silver Sales

Looking to get a valuation on your silverware? Let Emptythenest help you.

Do you know whether your items are silver plate, or solid silver? Is that old silver tray gathering dust on the sideboard valuable, or just another tray destined for the charity shop?

Like many families, there comes a time when silverware acquired over the years, is taking up space, and is due a clear out. Our team of experts can help guide you in your valuation, and provide you with a bespoke sales strategy.

How it works…

Step 1

Our team of experts will provide valuations for all your silver items, and only then do you decide which you’re happy to sell.

Step 2

We’ll manage the sales process from start to finish. We select the most appropriate auction or online sales site for each item individually. We’ll list  the item, and handle all buyer contact.

Step 3

We’ll negotiate the best price for your antiques. Then after we’ve taken our cut, you’ll receive the balance for any items sold.

Sue Haswell