What We Do

Where do I start? Whom do I call?

What do I do with everything?

Whom can I trust?

For many years these have been the most common cries heard in Sue Haswell’s antique shop, and, latterly, in the auction world.

If you find you have no idea if your belongings have any value and you do not know who to call to help dispose of them, then look no further than Emptythenest.

We work with you to assist with the valuation of your unwanted goods, without the need to navigate your way around the complicated world of antiques dealers, auction houses or clearance firms.

Unlike many traditional antiques dealers, and home clearance firms, we do not cherry pick your valuable items, leaving you to deal with disposing of the rest. We provides you with a complete tailor-made service, from a free initial assessment of every item, through to closing the door on an empty home, ready for the next chapter in your life.

Step 1
During your initial consultation, we’ll review all your items, identifying anything of value, ensuring nothing slips through the net.

Step 2
We’ll determine the relevant sales process for all your items, whether its a specialist auction house, or local selling websites.

Step 3
Emptythenest handle the sales process from start to finish. We list your items, contact buyers and auctioneers, and everything in between..

Step 4
After the transaction is complete and the buyer has paid, we’ll transfer the balance straight back to you.